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Gravel routes in Lithuania

From time to time we will post gravel route ideas here and routes we visited while checking the track and preparing for event.


Vilnius-Kaunas (200 km)

The route is 50% gravel, around 40% asphalt and the rest is off-road. Is quite hilly, but doesn't exceed 2km of ascend.

Experience from our ride in June, 2022:
Last weekend we had Border Epic group ride from Vilnius to Kaunas. Did around 200 km in two days and had a great time together - all bikepackers got together very well.

We shared our knowledge, checked our bikes and inventory, made some improvements and fixes along the way - we did have chain, bike fit problems.

Almost no rain or few drops made our trip very enjoyable. The only thing that was really challenging was mosquitos near Ilgis lake that had a biting party at our camp. Not even a camp fire helped us.

Border Epic 2021

The 2021 edition of track. Is good to ride around Lithuania and to see it's untouched beauties.

Total length: 1650 km; ascend around 8500 m

Guy riding wide gravel road
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